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are placeholder accounts), but one of the reasons may be his account was made on October 1, 2005.

Fred's type of voice in his video can be easily made for any other voice by simply submitting an audio file in software called Audacity and changing its pitch to be higher. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Fred the movie-Judy!!!! It is unknown how Fred obtained the name "Fred" (most YouTubers with "rare" name such as blue, car, computer, etc. Following this, Fred aspires to one day sing his own duet with Judy. However, she was not very fond of him and was instead dating Kevin, Fred's overweight (mentioned) bully at school.

Near the end, Fred found out that his mom dated the previous owner of Judy's new house, Danny Janetti, 15 years ago. The movie consists of a theme rather than random videos, creating a need for calmer, storyline sequences with Fred. Kevin then shoves a pizza onto Fred's shirt, causing him to vomit on Judy's party dress (accidentally).

Cruikshank also appeared on ABC News for an interview about his videos, performed with Kev Blaze in a music video for "Watch How I Do This", a favorite song of Fred's, which appears in several episodes of Fred, and appeared with the creators of the new motion picture, Fred tended to scream often in his episodes, most likely due to the mentioned fact that he took medications (which also might explain his voice). Fred's shirt changed to red in Season 2 because of his grandmother's screw-up in the washing machine. A great website where you can get movies like Fred for FREE! Fred: The Movie. Fred's journey took him all over town until he found out Judy has moved mere minutes away. In 2014, Lucas, the creator of Fred, decided to open the channel to anyone who wants to post family-friendly videos, including sketches, music videos and animations.

He tried to go to Judy's house so they can sing together, but failed each time.

First, if you look closely, Danny Janetti drew a resemblance to Fred and the fact that Fred's mom dated Janetti exactly around the time of Fred's birth. This is not confirmed but there is evidence to back this up. Fred was still in love with Judy at the time, who was also a teenager and somewhat his friend (unlike the series, in which she does not like him). Fred said he's 15 indicating that Janetti could, in fact, be his real dad. In Season 4, Fred's voice got a little deeper, but in "Fred Goes Grocery Shopping Feat. In the UK, it opened in the No. In the TV series on Nickelodeon, Fred was the protagonist and had a crush on Judy, his next-door neighbor. Directed by Clay Weiner. However, instead of the actual Fred, it was a korean boy who was dressed up Fred who was trying to re-create some old videos like "FRED goes swimming" and "FRED loses his meds" and sponsering a cereal brand from Yuksung Corporation. Fred has also been the victim of a "prank" for everyone to unsubscribe to him by June 1. While on the number 6 bus, he met Derf, a god-like teen whose personality was in contrast to Fred's hyperactive behavior. Fred is still obnoxious, but I toned it down for the movie, so he’s not as crazy as in his YouTube videos. Recently, the account was hacked by an unidentified user, leaving all of the videos with a different title. When Fred finally succeeded in making it to Judy's, he was informed by his mother that Judy and her parents moved. Fred Figglehorn, an unpopular, hyperactive, pubescent and puerile 15-year-old who wears childish dungarees, striped T-shirts and suspenders, believes himself to be cool and a good singer. With Lucas Cruikshank, Saoirse Ronan, Kelly Landry. He is in love with a girl named Judy, and is devastated to see her performing a romantic duet with his rival Kevin during a music class. However, his schemes didn't work out as planned sometimes. A pilot episode called "Fred on Halloween" was originally uploaded on another account on Halloween 2006, and then re-uploaded as the current account's first video in April 2008. ", "Aaaahhh! His catchphrases were "Hey, it's FREEEDD!!! He regularly posted videos. However this idea wasn't successful as fans didn't support the channel for the way it was going.

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