small office holiday party ideas

It could be an expensive event like taking the whole group to a Broadway play or low-cost activity such a having a short hike with a picnic in a local greenspace.It’s the experience of doing a group activity and the camaraderie that make off-site events a great holiday idea. Nothing levels the playing field like watching the CEO try to thread a tree hanger through an ornament.We know, we know: All the experts say that alcohol and company parties are a dangerous mix. Use beads, crystals, Styrofoam, glass balls, or anything related to your business and brand. And, because we value transparency, we’ve chosen to provide a Furthermore, Fit Small Business never allows partners to pay us to guarantee placement within an article that isn’t clearly marked as sponsored and companies cannot pay us for favorable (or unfavorable) reviews or ratings. If your company sponsors a children’s organization, for example, you could invite a small group of children to sing carols at your event and then stay for lunch. Which makes it easier to obtain blackmail material in advance of your next review. Elect your favorite (or least favorite) coworker to don the suit and beard and take gift requests.
Still, having attended many office holiday parties with alcohol (and one interminable party without), we can tell you that dealing with crankypants coworkers is probably worse that dealing with tipsy ones. Check out these office-appropriate games and keep a few ideas on hand for whenever a party needs a boost of energy.

Party in a private movie theater with full bar and meal service. You probably already know how to plan a party, right? Even a simple, culturally focused potluck with team member storytelling serves the purpose of a holiday event while honoring the uniqueness of your team members.Perhaps each person brings a food dish and a small token gift—say less than $5—that represents their cultural heritage, like a Swedish Dala horse. Set the timer and see who can build the nicest-looking or most creative gingerbread house within 30 minutes. Most employees have been to parties that include an onsite gift exchange or Secret Santa. With smaller parties, you are able to have gift exchanges and spend more time with all of the guests. Your group will be able to witness their friends and co-workers use the amazing power of their minds in a fun, safe and hilariously funny way. Arnold’s formed Sunline Supply to distribute increasingly important PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, including KN95, N95, and disposable face masks and other vital PPE. Some can be pricey, like bringing a hypnotist, psychic, or acrobat troupe to your event.Nonetheless, team members will take photos, sharing the opportunity to see a performance they might not have planned on their own.Offsite activities range from renting a movie theater to spending the day at a theme park. Those employees who were around at that time recall the event fondly, leaving those of us who joined the company later wishing we were there.An outdoor event at the home of an executive can also be fun. Provide champagne and snacks in the limo, and let the festivities begin on four wheels.Spend an hour or so at work taking a break from the daily grind and do a holiday craft together. Put the above tips to good use with any of the following office party themes. These venues fill up fast.This is one of my favorites because the thing many employees crave most at year-end is time off to get holiday errands done. They also well in communities with seniors. Here are a few ideas to get you started on spreading the merriment and virtual celebration to employees both near and far.

Anyway, if you want to see your coworkers duke it out over the punchbowl, the best way to do it is to organize a Yankee Swap.Every office has a weirdo. Take our advice and organize the bake-off.

They run approximately $100 to $150 per hour, and you may only need one for an hour or two.If you have a large team, consider contacting your local movie theater and rent out one of the movie rooms for three hours, providing your employees with popcorn and snacks as you view that holiday flick. Start calling around now. Ground rules for teammates This is a serious big no at Partycurrent: don’t force people to take part in games or wear Santa/paper hats.
So, go big, and host an ice cream social with multiple flavors and every topping you can think of.You could also make it even more creative by asking team members to bring their favorite toppings, cones, and more.

A professional comedy hypnotist would be able to entertain your staff either onsite or at the venue of your choice. Sign up to receive more well-researched human resources articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. While we don’t recommend risque art for your holiday party, many venues like private art galleries, small local museums, and smaller retail shops will let you rent their space for a holiday party.Unusual spaces with lots of visual stimulation provide great conversation starters so that everyone’s not sitting there looking at their empty paper plate while waiting for the white elephant gift exchange. So, give them some shopping time with paid time off (PTO). 6. Be sure to call around early.

As a bonus, write down your recipes and share them with family, friends, and clients to show them your office and team members know how to have fun.An awesome office holiday party can serve a larger business purpose by building bonds of diversity and inclusion across your team. Decorate sundaes first, then judge and eat the best ones. We like to kick the party off early with a local scavenger hunt around the community and gifts being given out when individuals return.”Have you ever seen the movie “Love Actually”? (Only if you want to get insider advice and tips) 10 Awesome Office Holiday Party Ideas Office workers spend 11 months of the year slogging away in an office cubicle, filing TPS reports, and dodging conference calls. Think of the pictures you can snap for the company calendar.Are we still allowed to call a party a “Yankee Swap,” or is that somewhat biased against people from Connecticut? Celebrate with champagne toasts and streamers.

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