spartacus movie 2004

It is more historically accurate and much more faithful to the original Howard Fast novel on which both films were based. Spartacus is a favorite hero of the Communists, BTW, being the working stiff rising up against the ruling class, etc... The stories are very similar because they both use the Howard Fast novel as a basis. I think it's important these days to try and adequately and accurately portrait history's important events using television and movies because our children almost depend on it as a source of information. Certificate: 16 I gave it a 5 out of 10 only because there were some interesting scenes, but this 4 hours of mostly commercials will leave you in wonder as to how they somehow hoodwinked you into watching. The Kirk Douglas movie had another mission though as it was one of a group of movies made to regain the public's interest in the cinema with lavish spectacle.

Spanning a two day special on USA I watched the first part and just couldn't wait for the second half.

2007 | Orientation Suggérée | CC. I saw this on USA Channel and thought it was a great production.

Still, they obviously tried to get things more accurate. That seems awfully disrespectful and unprofessional. Bates can't help but shine. Was this review helpful to you? In the history of "The Real Spartacus" he supposedly takes out his sword and kills the hore instead of setting it free. Was this review helpful?

TV Shows . Instead of the superhero-style portrayed by Kirk Douglas (which I happened to LOVE that movie), Goran added more depth to the character ... the strengths AND the weaknesses. This version of Spartacus - made in 2004 follows the academic history of Spartacus and the uprising to the letter. "Spartacus" is a movie which is a landmark in the film history, and inevitably this movie compared with the epic movie "Spartacus" of 1960 with Kirk Douglas as Spartacus. Was this review helpful? 3 out of 6 found this helpful. But this one is quite unique. Was this review helpful? 4 out of 5 found this helpful. Ultimately the rebels are defeated and crucified along Via Appia, in a sea of crosses silhouetted against a sunset. I give this movie....... a big yawn. Anyone who loves movies about the ancient traditions, problems, romance, and especially WAR, you'll definitely enjoy this. Without giving anything away as to the plot (for those who haven't yet seen it) one of the differences between the history and the mini series is in the scene where Spartacus is given a horse as a gift from his men. Spartacus est un téléfilm sur la Troisième Guerre servile en Italie du Sud entre -73 et -71. And Rhona Mitra was a wonderful Varinia; she and Goran made a perfect couple for the love story in this action picture. I suppose they can be forgiven because few people watching the movie would know that and it would probably confuse most people to change it. Epic Movie.

If you want to enjoy good acting, music, and beautiful scenery, go for it!

The Kirk Douglas movie had another mission though as it was one of a group of movies made to regain the public's interest in the cinema with lavish spectacle. The scale of its production is much higher than the miniseries. The movie failed to peak my imagination and keep me interested. The brand was to insure the gladiator wasn't faking death! 33 out of 53 found this helpful.

4 out of 10 found this helpful. Too often, I found myself checking the clock to see how much longer the movie would last, and I really hated that, since my expectations were high, and I'm partial to historical films. Take my word for it, lots and lots of bloodshed. A vengeful beauty foils the plans of the bloodthirsty Hun warrior to conquer Rome.

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